The Church, with its Community Rooms, and the Ansell Centre are available to the community for hire

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The Church seats 150-200 on the ground floor.
A great venue for concerts, talks and productions.

The Community Room caters for 30-40 people. There is a kitchenette (suitable for making teas and coffees and plating food brought in). Tables and chairs (and a piano!) are available for use. Ideal for small parties and medium sized meetings.

The Upper Community Room seats about a dozen people - tables and chairs available as well as a kettle for making hot drinks. A cosy location for a small group meeting.

The spacious Ansell Centre hall hosts up to 200. There's a well equipped kitchen with a hatch into the hall. Tables and chairs available. A valued community space, well used by charities (Hadleigh Inclusion Project, ACC lunch clubs, digital cinema and memories cafe) and individuals (e.g. kids parties).

You can check availability of rooms on the diary below. For rates and bookings, please contact our administrator, Ric Lambert:

Tel: 07579 044131


Please note that due to precautions taken against the spread of Covid-19, bookings are currently limited to organisations whose activities are permitted under covid-related legislation and are managed in a covid-secure way (i.e. with risk assessment and accompanying safety measures).

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