Socially Distant


Welcome to this Maundy Thursday service:

a time of reflection and communion

Theme: A Different World

Led by Revd Bryn Rickards

Image by Alex Holyoake
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Welcome & Introduction

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

(John 8:12)



Unlikely King

Introduction to Reading

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Reading: Matthew 26:6-13 & 27:27-31

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Reflection & Prayer

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Strange Saviour

Introduction to Reading

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Reading: Matthew 26:26-28 & 27:37-42

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Reflection & Prayer of Confession

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Suffering Servant

Introduction to Reading

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Reading: Matthew 26:36-46 & 27:45-50

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Surprise Mediator

Introduction to Reading

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Reading: Matthew 26:31-35, 47-54

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Reflection & Prayer of Intercession

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We cannot measure how You heal
Or answer every sufferer's prayer
Yet we believe Your grace responds
Where faith and doubt unite to care
Your hands though bloodied on the cross
Survive to hold and heal and warn
To carry all through death to life
And cradle children yet unborn


The pain that will not go away
The guilt that clings from things long past
The fear of what the future holds
Are present as if meant to last
But present too is love which tends
The hurt we never hoped to find
The private agonies inside
The memories that haunt the mind

So some have come who need your help
and some have come to make amends,
as hands which shaped and saved the world
are present in the touch of friends.
Lord, let your Spirit meet us here
to mend the body, mind and soul,
to disentangle peace from pain,
and make your broken people whole.

John L. Bell & Graham Maule (c) 1989 WGRG, Iona Community


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Good Shepherd

Introduction to Reading

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Reading: Matthew 26:1-2, 59-68

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When You shepherd me

I have everything that I need

When You make me rest

Beside a peaceful stream


My soul is restored

My strength is renewed

When you shepherd me


When You shepherd me

Your rod and staff comfort me

As You guide my steps

I can trust Your lead

Even when I walk

Through the valley shadowed with death

I will not fear for You are with me


I am overwhelmed by love

Overtaken by Your mercy

Lord Your goodness without end

Will be the house in which I dwell


When you shepherd me

Your prepare a bountiful feast

Even when my enemies

Are closing in on me


You anoint me with oil

My cup overflows

When You shepherd me

(c) Brian Doerksen

Final Prayer & Blessing

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EASTER SUNDAY ALL AGE WORSHIP - Socially Distant Sunday Worship - starts at 10am with Thine Be the Glory (in your garden if you wish!) with LIVE COMMUNION at 10:45am.