MAY 17

"No Matter Where"

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The fun starts at 3pm via our livestream...

Get Crafty

Now we've shown you the crafts, here are some pictures, instructions and templates that might help you make one...


Stained Glass Whale (see through).jpg
Stained Glass Whale (front).jpg


Stained Glass Whale (back).jpg


  • Cut out a whale shape from card (e.g. cereal packet) and then cut a 'hole' within it to make the 'frame'. You can use the Whale Template below if you have a printer.

  • Cut up scraps of tissue paper and use glue stick to stick them to the back of the frame - start from the edges and work your way to the middle.

  • When you've covered the frame area with tissue paper, cut out a Jonah shape from (dark) paper and stick him to the back of the whale. (Template below)

Whale Template

Jonah Template


Back of shooting out whale 2.jpg
Jonah for Shooting.jpg

Whale Template

Jonah for Shooting 2.jpg
Back of shooting out whale.jpg
  • Cut out a whale shape from card (e.g. cereal packet). You can use the Whale Template below if you have a printer. Colour it in if you like.

  • Staple a piece of elastic thread or a (cut) elastic band to one end of a toilet roll (it needs to be long enough to come out at the other end - see pciture below.

  • Stick it to the back of the whale.

  • Cut out a piece of paper the size of the side of a peg. Draw Jonah on it and sellotape it to the peg.

  • Your Jonah is ready to fly out of the whale's belly!

Shooting out whale.jpg


Jonah Shooting out.jpg



Throw and catch whale.jpg
Beanie Jonah in Whale.jpg
Throw and catch beanie Jonah.jpg
  • Cut the bottom off an empty and washed milk bottle (we've used a six pint one). Shape it to make the whale's head.

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper folded in half and draw a tail on. You can use the template below if you have a printer. Cut the shape and then glue to two ends together. Glue the wide ends to either side of the top of the bottle.

  • Fill a small sock with rice (or anything else 'beanie') but don't make it too big and bulky! Tie off the end and draw a face on.

  • Put Beanie Jonah in the whale and try throwing and catching him. If you make another whale, you can throw and catch Jonah to each other!

Whale Tails Template

Sing it!

At Messy Church we heard about Daniel, David - and, today, about Jonah!

Let's sing and give thanks that the God of Dave, Dan and Jo - the king of giants, lions and creatures of the deep - can be our God and King too!!

If you want to sing along, this version has just the lyrics:

Here's a collection of worship songs that we're enjoying at the moment...

Let's Meet Together...

Join us at 4pm on Zoom so that we can show each other what we've made, play a game together and catch up with each other. Just click or touch the button below (and use "HURCmc" to gain access):

Don't forget to post a picture of you with your crafts on the Hadleigh URC Messy Church Facebook page!

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Until we Meet Again...

Here's a song that churches around the UK have recorded as a prayer of blessing...

(And there's a kids' version as well)


Thanks to those who sent in pictures of them with their crafts and skittles prayers!

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Elias's Whale.jpg
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