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Suggested Actions

Action 1

At the moment, we at Commitment for Life are assisting Fair-trade, who are dealing with the fallout of Nestle's decision to stop using FT cocoa in its Kitkats.


There should be further developments this week but it looks like Nestle is digging in its heels. Please pray for the company to make a decent decision, and sign this petition if you can:


Keep KitKat Fairtrade!

Action 2

Also, Commitment for Life would be grateful if you would write to your MP asking them to sign the Early Day Motion 464 in support of Palestine. See below for a sample letter but it is best to change the wording slightly if possible. A website to help is


Dear (insert name of your MP - James Cartlidge if you live in Hadleigh)

My name is  ……………………… and I live in ……………………………..


As a member/friend of Hadleigh United Reformed Church (URC) I am very concerned about the Israeli Prime Minister's stated intention to implement a plan to annex large parts of the West Bank.


At the end of last year, a group of twenty-two people representing the 1,500 churches of the URC in England, Scotland and Wales undertook an educational visit to Israel and Palestine. During the visit, members of the URC party were able to speak with many indigenous Christians, tour Christian Aid and Commitment for Life partnership projects and witness at first hand the everyday lived experiences of people in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The narrative was one of inadequate water supply, intermittent provision of electricity, economic deprivation, unequal access to health care and severe restrictions on freedom of movement. These observations are not to depict a conflict between faiths, but to highlight an outcry against the disproportionate actions of the Israeli Government.


The proposed annexation will only serve to increase the suffering of the Palestinian people. In the words of Archbishop Suheil Dawani (who met with the URC party last year at St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem) and his fellow church leaders, ‘it would bring about the loss of any remaining hope for the success of the peace process’. 


It is for this reason that the United Reformed Church strongly endorses the Early Day Motion (#464) tabled on 11 May 2020, which is supported by MPs of all political parties.


As my local MP, may I request that you consider adding your support by signing

this Early Day Motion? I believe that your support would add considerable weight to this attempt to counter a deep injustice.


Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.


Yours sincerely,

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