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Minutes of Recent Church Meetings.

 The AGM and Ordinary Church Meeting were both held on Monday the 13th March. The OGM minutes are immediately beneath the AGM.
A record of earlier minutes are held under 'Reports'

Annual General Meeting
Monday 13th March 2017.

Present 26 Members  (plus 1 non-member) 
The Meeting was chaired by Rev’d Bryn Rickards

Meeting closed at 8-35 pm.                                                     


MINUTES of a CHURCH MEETING held at Hadleigh Great Meeting
MARCH 13th 2017 8pm – following AGM

Rev’d Bryn Rickards in the chair and total of 26 persons present.

4.1        Pastoral news was shared. Many members of the church family were held in prayer. Happy events were remembered in prayers of thanksgiving.
4.2        Pat Messenger raised the question of how the congregation can know of those who need support and prayer. The Blue Folder was mentioned as one source. Bryn said the Pastoral Care Team would think more about how prayer needs can be passed on more widely without breaking confidentiality.

The role Jan had undertaken so brilliantly had developed and Elders had decided it needed altering and the maintenance part would be undertaken by a part-time caretaker in the future. An advert for a two hours a week post was to be circulated.

6.           SHARING FAITH
6.1        SPACE – The SPACE event was discussed and several people said how much they liked it. Wendy Atkins
said that having it in the week of prayer for Christian Unity was much valued.  It was agreed it was a
positive initiative and Bryn was thanked for all his work on it. Bryn asked the meeting to be active in promoting all such events.

      10.15am – 12,15pm for children aged 5 – 11. Michelle Elmer and Rachel Bennett are running these. Church members were encouraged to come to provide an intergenerational welcome.

      part of the Open Gardens Day on June 10th. Should we decorate window sills and invite people into the 
church? Swift boxes should be up and wildlife garden in bloom. It was agreed such an event was a good idea
although the date conflicts with Synod Big Day Out. Jan happy to coordinate with others.

7.3       Easter Plans
Palm Sunday – St Mary’s 10:45am
Maundy Thursday – Reflective Communion 7:30pm
Good Friday – Walk of Witness – 10.30am start at St Mary’s
Easter Sunday – Sunrise service, bacon rolls from 9.30am, Family worship at 10.30am with blossoming of the cross.

8.         Wider Church

    after a June meeting. Please hold them in prayer.

    January discussing how the area moves from six fulltime stipendiary ministers to five. The positive outcome of the meeting was the willingness to work more collaboratively, but it is not an easy time.

    presence there.

9. A.O.B. & Information Sharing
9.1      Karen asked the meeting to be sure to build a team of support for the May Show. Tom has done most of the
organising and heavy work in recent years – and this year he will be busy!
9.2      Next church meeting is 11th June after Sunday worship.


The meeting closed with prayer at 9.35pm.